Community Services

HOD: Zanele Sithebe
Phone: 034 331 3041

The department is responsible for management of libraries, halls and museums; promotion of social cohesion; traffic management; By – Laws enforcement; crime prevention; fire rescue and disaster management; license services management; solid waste management; street and public amenities cleaning.

Units and Roles

A. Social Programmes Unit

Our core responsibility is to improve the quality of life of the people of Emadlangeni. One of our development objectives as stated in our IDP is to design and implement special programmes. Special programmes are located in the office of the Speaker and run by the Department of Community Services. There are currently four (4) major programmes that the Department is implementing

1. Youth

The municipality is currently spearheading the formation of Youth Councils in all 4 wards which will culminate into local Youth council and be able to design youth programmes and also implement them. Programmes will obviously focus on attendance of Youth Summits, Youth Skills development Programmes, Financial Assistance to Tertiary Students, establishment of Youth Centre, Job Creation. The municipality assisted financially more than 10 students in 2013 to register in different universities in KwaZulu-Natal. We are currently planning to assist more students in the near future.

2. Gender Programme

The programme focuses on issues for both males and females. This is a platform where women and men separately share information and enter into dialogues on issues pertaining to their development. The topic for discussion involves family matters, HIV/AIDS and LED initiatives like sewing of school uniforms, business opportunities, cooking.

3. Elderly. Orphans and people living with disabilities.

The programme seeks to assist the above group with the variety of support including the provision of shelter, application for grants. The municipality also assist by cleaning their residential areas using CWP/EPWP employees. There are also sporting activities (golden games) for the elderly.

4. Children

The programme looks at economic and social issues affecting children. Children are vulnerable to abuse by older people, rape, starvation, and many other social ills.