IDP Road Show

Emadlangeni 2017 IDP Roadshow


As the new term commences eMadlangeni Local Municipality have expend efforts in extending equitable services and facilitate development of new areas that have been added to its area of jurisdiction.  We are cognisant that the fostering of partnerships with our communities, the private sector and state agencies will stand us in good stead in dealing with the mammoth developmental task facing the Emadlangeni Local Municipality.

This is borne by the observation that resources are finite and additional resources should be leveraged from other spheres of government, the private sector and social partners of the municipality to facilitate coordinated development and thereby maximizing development impact to be yielded.


During the course of this term, Emadlangeni will strive towards achieving the following:


  • Creating prosperous, liveable and inclusive living spaces with abundant social and recreational amenities;
  • Extending equitable services to communities;
  • Provide stewardship that unleash innovation and foster partnership to provide municipal services, housing, tourism and economic, development opportunities to our citizens;
  • Continue with the towns ambitious programme of extending basic sanitation services to our residents and deal with service delivery backlogs related to bulk infrastructure services including water security from source;;
  • Fast-tracking the development of mixed housing to build integrated human settlement and invariably upgrade informal settlements
  • Use optimally the expansive land mass to facilitate rural development to provide livelihood and food security and create productive rural and urban linkages




  • Balgary 1 & 2 Access Road Rehabilitation
  • Slagveld Gravel Road Rehabilitation
  • Esitelenga Gravel Road Rehabilitation
  • Enzimane Gravel Road Rehabilitation
  • Kwantaba  and Ekhasini Gravel Access Road




  • Small town Rehabilitation
  • Completion of De Kork street
  • Informal Traders Stalls
  • Patching of potholes in all roads in Utrecht


Working together with communities, stakeholders, private sector, we will ensure a better tomorrow for the citizens of Utrecht.




Operating Budget 80% of total budget is R 79 473 000

Capital Budget of 20% of total budget is 19 473 000

Grants R50 467 000

Property Rates 18 537 000

Service charges R17 556 00

Other Revenue R12 729 00

Equitable Share R25 391 000

Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) R9 423 000

Library Grant R771 000

Intergraded National Electrification Programme (INEP) R12 000 000

Bulk Purchases R13 125 000

Depreciation & Impair 6 398 000

Grant Expenditure R4 142 000

Government Grants R 18 423 000

Internally generated funds R 1 320 000

MIG R9 423 000

INEP R12 000 000