[column size=”one-half”]IDP Integrated Development Plan
Integrated development planning is a process through which municipalities prepare a strategic development plan which extends over a five-year period. The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is a product of the IDP process. more [/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”]Annual Report Annual Report
The Annual Report content assists Emadlangeni municipality and our stakeholders with information and progress made on service delivery. more [/column]


[column size=”one-half”][hr]Town hall Budget
The Budget report is made public every year , and is accompanied by critical and compulsory interaction with the community and all stakeholders before finalized. more [/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”][hr]Financial Statement Financial Statement
Emadlangeni financial statement (or financial report) is a formal record of the financial activities of a the municipality. more [/column]


[column size=”one-half”][hr]Policies and By-Laws Policies
The following policies apply to all Emadlangeni Municipality employees, services providers and third parties. more[/column] [column size=”one-half” last=”true”][hr]Performance Agreement Performance Agreement
Section 57(1)(b) of the Systems Act, read with the Contract of Employment concluded between the employer and the employee, requires both parties to conclude an annual performance agreement. more [/column]